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A festival in a book

Louder Than Words is the pre-eminent festival for music and literature, celebrating words – oral, written and published  –  associated with the music industry: a fusion of authors, artists, poets, performers, lyricists, journalists, DJs, bloggers and publishers of music and popular culture. The annual festival is a melting pot for ideas, stories and conversations about the state of the industry, drawing from history and the contemporary scene to point a direction to the future.

Across the Tracks captures the Louder Than Words 2015 festival in book form, a riotous compendium of stories and ideas expressed over the weekend from punk to folk, mod to metal, prog to Brit-pop, Manchester to Liverpool and all places in between.

Contributors include musical luminaries alongside leading rock biographers, poets, journalists, music industry movers and shakers, and passionate, highly-informed members of the audience.

Louder Than Words is a gift for any serious lover of music and music literature, get yourself up close personal with the stories behind the music.

Click here to see the full programme for Louder Than Words 2015.