It’s raining in 1989. Teenage schoolboy Carl lives with his grandmother on an anonymous housing estate and spends his time hanging out with Alex, an oddball kid obsessed with pseudo- philosophy and computer games. When Alex disappears for no apparent reason, things begin to change: Carl finds weird objects in his gran’s sideboard; his science fieldwork book reveals mysterious numeric codes; and none of his other friends even remember Alex.

These books are just part of an ambitious new work of digital fiction divided into four interlinked parts: an atmospheric browser based experience; an interactive virtual book with pages you can turn with the mouse; a short eBook download; and an immersive realtime 3D walk-through that takes the written word into strange new dimensions. You can get the books from here or from the Nightingale’s Playground website.

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eBook available as epub (iPhone, Sony reader etc) and pdf ebook formats.

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