Ann in the wash house in Vallegrandeā€™s hospital

Moving back in time, the other main memorial to Che is the wash house in Vallegrandeā€™s hospital where his body was taken to be prepared for exhibition to officials and the press. The iconic Christ-like photo of Che, slightly smiling and eyes open, laid out on the stone slab is world famous. In 1967, it was the townspeople filing past, now it is disciples of Che from all over the world who make the pilgrimage to the tranquil spot and leave messages. I hate graffiti normally but I found the words left on the walls of this small hardly changed adobe building very moving. Perhaps I was lucky just a handful of youngsters were visiting the small white adobe building, and the sun was shining on the bright green grass, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, but it was an amazingly harmonious experience. If Iā€™d had a pen Iā€™d have been moved to write a message to Che myself.

There are several other museums and memorials around Vallegrande, and cafĆ©s and hostels bearing Cheā€™s name, but the myth does not disturb everyday life much except when visiting delegations descend on special Che commemorative days.

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