A trio of the models featured in Naked City talk about what motivated them to get involved with the project and what they got out of the experience

Sitting on a train from Leeds to London that had broken down (no surprise there), it was raining outside (again…repeat no surprise there either!) contemplating what on earth I was going to do with my life. Only a few months earlier I had what felt like my heart ripped out of my chest…painful break up…self esteem came crashing down around my ears…etc etc when I noticed the advert in The Leeds Guide for volunteers for NAKED models!!!

Well, I decided to investigate! I imagined being part of a mass photographic experience which would sound incredibly exciting in principle, but probably not something I would have the guts to go ahead with, once ‘the chips were down’ !! However, after a brief chat with Route, I found myself saying ‘Why not!’ and before I knew it I had already agreed to do the smoking scene!

Apart from meeting some very nice people, there was a whole host of things I felt I got out of the experience by taking part. I proved to myself that I was much braver than I thought, a bit crazier than I thought and certainly not as much of a prude!  But most of all it re-enforced my feeling that that once you take away peoples designer clothes, flash cars, money and all the other material possessions that many people hold dear, that’s it isn’t it? What you see is definitely what you get!

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