Firstly I spotted the request for volunteers on the Route site, which in itself lent an air of credibility to the venture as Route is established, respected, and erstwhile venture.¬† ‘That looks like good fun’, methought, and ‘wonder if there will be any (other) interesting people there.’¬† Do men really think about dancing the horizontal tango every six seconds or so? Being almost unemployable in the conventional way, I am always on the look out for inexpensive or free enjoyment opportunities, and could not let pass the chance of something that was fun, free and illicit.¬† Plus had never posed naked before, so would be a new badge to get. The thought of being published in a proper book, and naked too, appealed to me – a lil’ bit of ego maybe, but mostly because I would forever have a big HEE HEE HEE! indelibly stamped somewhere inside whatever is me.¬† Will always have that.

Before anything had even happened, I was enjoying the anticipatoriness of it all, and then after the event, had that¬† ‘eee, skipped all the way home’¬† feeling!¬† Priceless. Met some lovely people on mission, photographer Kevin and Kate are stars.¬† Something to show family munchkins when I’m proper wrinkly!¬† Had piccy published in Leeds Guide 100th issue – might have to take it to job interviews.¬† Following beer in pub, said mag came out.¬† One acquaintance who had always regarded me as introverted was so impressed that he offered¬† two weeks decorating work. And just before crimbo at that!¬† Was I thinking about making naked Christmas cards for stuffy rellies?¬† Or t-shirt with nude piccy on displaying legend ‘Naked Housework ¬£40 per hr’?¬† Friend James, who is business minded, said to make it ‘¬£40 per hr negotiable’ as it would bring more enquiries. But will this make me appear cheap?¬† No dancing lessons as yet, but hey, do most of my dancing inside, so a big thank you for that.¬† Naked City 2?¬† Anytime.

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