ff-four-sons1I did find it difficult putting myself back in the position of being a child again when I wrote about him for Four Fathers though, to remember just what it was like to have an out of control father, a parent whom you could never trust or rely on, because he was so clearly off in his own world. It helped make me a very anxious person. Families are where we first experience the most powerful of human emotions – love, hate, jealousy, and intense loyalty, they’re a kind of hot house for the emotions and writing ‘On The Edge’ brought it all back. I found it very upsetting to recall all this and, in turn, I felt very sorry for him – he was a wild man, totally unsuited to life in an industrial town, and must have been desperately unhappy a lot of the time. I so wish we could have had some ‘quality time’ together. It’s too late now though, and I prefer to dwell on the laughter he brought into our lives.

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