four-fathers1I found writing about my relationship with my daughter even more difficult. While I feel that my relationship with my father – who’s 86 – probably won’t change much now and so is easier to capture, the one with my daughter is constantly evolving. I didn’t want to write anything that attempted to be definitive and would later become a burden to her. After all, it’s my interpretation of certain events that she can’t even remember, which robs her of her right to reply. In fact, at the last minute I decided to replace my story about her with a short story about a father/son relationship, as I felt unhappy about writing about her. It was John and Tom who persuaded me that I should stick with the piece about my daughter, that it fitted better with the kind of thing we were trying to do with Four Fathers, i.e. to explore with as much honesty as we could muster the nature of our intimate relationships with our fathers and our children, and I am grateful to them for talking me around.

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