Four Fathers

Q: In your work in reader development, you have done a lot of work with fathers and sons around reading and sport. How did that work out?

A: It’s been great. I used to work only in adult reader development. I didn’t think there was much to promoting family reading. I think because I was scared of it. But since Leeds United took me on to do some family reading it’s been so fulfilling. Much more than working with adults. I work with groups of families throughout the UK talking about being a writer and about reading. I go into libraries and football clubs and use football to get people talking about what they like to read. Not just books, but magazines, newspapers, anything. You get dads and sons saying they hate reading, then admitting they spend half the day reading about Man U on the net, in papers, in football programmes, on Ceefax. That’s how I got into reading. Not Man U. Through reading about Leeds United. So I like it that I’m doing stuff that echoes what happened with me and my parents.

Tom was talking about Four Fathers

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