‘A riveting collection of interviews with British-Pakistani men of all ages discussing drugs, forced marriages, family-life, faith and where home lies. Honest and unsentimental, it’s an impressive excersize in sociology and a terrific read. This, too, is modern England.’ – Mslexia

‘One of the most important books to ever come out of Bradford.’ – Bradford T&A

‘A vivid picture of everyday life.’ – Yorkshire Post

Made in Bradford is a timely book and one that excels in its simplicity – a presentation of interviews with Bradford born/resident British-Pakistani men; too often the voices we hear the least of in the media stories. Though part of a larger academic study, Made in Bradford refreshingly is stripped of the research and just presents the interviews with no commentary for you to make of what you will. I found the interviews funny, compelling, familiar, energising, angry, mundane and more. In summary, stories of everyday lives, making sense of something bigger.’ – Amazon review