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Carpet Burns is Tom Hingley’s account of his life as lead singer of Inspiral Carpets. ‘This is a fascinating and unique book about a unique and fascinating life. Memoirs are made of this.’ – David Quantick

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ISBN: 978-1901927597
Extent: 272pp

Author: Tom Hingley

Paperback Signed Copy £9.99
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Carpet Burns is Tom Hingley’s account of his life as lead singer of Inspiral Carpets, one of the big three bands of the Manchester movement who, along with The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, changed music for a generation. Tom’s own words provide an account of what it felt like to be in the eye of a pop hurricane and what happens when the hits end and the arguments kick in.

‘A must for all Inspirals fans and devotees to popular culture of the time. (Want to know where Noel Gallagher first cut his teeth?) The book could also act as a how-to or how-not-to guide for surviving the music industry, a business not famed for providing soft landings or aftercare.’ – Eartwister

‘A cool as f**k memoir… a first-hand account of a fascinating era in British pop, conveyed with atmosphere and colour.’ – Record Collector

‘Entertaining and refreshingly frank.’ – The Big Issue

‘Oh my God! Every band is the same. I couldn’t put it down.’ – Peter Hook

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>>In Conversation – Tom Hingley and Mike Joyce
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  • Carpet Burns Trailer
    Video trailer for Tom Hingley's book Carpet Burns - My Life With Inspiral Carptets (3:54)
  • Further Away
    Tom Hingley and The Lovers perform 'Further Away' at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, on The Beast Inside Tour. 21 September 2012.
  • Noel Gallagher's First Fan
    Tom Hingley reads from his book Carpet Burns - My Life With Inspiral Carpets in which the band goad roadie Noel Gallagher to grab a standing fan from the back of a van in moving traffic. (1:08)
  • Mark E Smith Does Top of the Pops
    Tom Hingley reads from his book Carpet Burns. Mark E Smith finds himself in confrontational situations with Elvis Costello, Clint Boon, Anita Doth and Gillian Taylforth at a Top of the Pops recording. (3:08)


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Tom Hingley

Tom Hingley was born in 1965 in Abingdon, Oxford, the seventh and youngest child of an Oxford Don. Moving to Manchester in the mid 1980s, he took a job as a glass collector at the Hacienda before rising to fame in the early 90s as lead-singer with Inspiral Carpets, with whom he toured the world and sold over a million records before leaving the band in 2011. Carpet Burns is a memoir of his time with Inspiral Carpets.


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