From Forest Hills to the Free Trade Hall, A Historical View of the Big Boo. A definitive account of Bob Dylan’s electrifying tour of 1965-66 by Clinton Heylin, the world’s authority on all things Dylan.

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ISBN: 978-1901927-68-9
Extent: 304pp + 16pp photos

Author: Clinton Heylin

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From Forest Hills To The Free Trade Hall, A Historical View Of The Big Boo

‘Judas, the most hated name in human history! If you think you’ve been called a bad name, try to work your way out from under that. Yeah, and for what? For playing an electric guitar?’ – Bob Dylan

In 1966 There Was… the sell-out tour to end all tours. Bob Dylan and The Hawks found themselves at the epicentre of a storm of controversy. Their response? To unleash a cavalcade of ferocity from Melbourne to Manchester, from Forest Hills to the Free Trade Hall. For the first time, the full story can now be told from eye-witnesses galore; from timely reports, both mile wide and spot on; and from the participants themselves. And what better tour guide than Clinton Heylin, the esteemed Dylan biographer and one of the world’s leading rock historians. The price of admission? Thirty pieces of silver. The password? Play f***ing loud.

‘The definitive written account of Dylan’s historic and pivotal 1965-66 world tours.’ – Bobdylan.com

‘British writer-historian Heylin is perhaps the world’s authority on all things Dylan.’ – Rolling Stone

‘A complementary delight. Everything is explained.’ – Mojo

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JUDAS! Reviews


Clinton Heylin

Clinton Heylin is one of the leading rock historians in the world, with over two dozen books to his name. These include biographies of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and Sandy Denny. Route publish Clinton's account of Bob Dylan's gospel years, Trouble In Mind; the infamous turning electric era of 1965/66, JUDAS!; a history of Fairport Convention and English folk-rock, What We Did Instead of Holidays; and his explosive look at the birth of punk, Anarchy in the Year Zero.


Bob Dylan 1966 London Press Conference

EXTRACT: Already weary from a confrontational world tour, and beyond tired of the media circus, Bob Dylan held a press conference on 3rd May 1966 shortly after he arrived in London in advance of the British leg of his tour. It did nothing to calm the growing hostility towards the artist. This extract from Clinton Heylin's book JUDAS! paints a picture of how it went.

A Route To Bob Dylan

Route’s Bob Dylan titles come from the pens of three pre-eminent Dylan writers: Michael Gray, John Bauldie and Clinton Heylin. All born and raised in North West England – The Wirral, Bolton and Manchester respectively – each have not only been key figures in furthering our understanding and appreciation of Dylan as an artist, but have been active participants in how Bob Dylan’s work has been presented to the world.


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