Born in the 1980s

(Route 21) The generation born in the 1980s tell their story as they come of age. Fear not for the intelligence of our youth, this collection is full of insight.

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ISBN: 9781901927405
Extent: 176
Editor/s: Catherine Browne

Authors: Alex Wire, Gareth Storey, Lou Perez, Chris Killen, Sally Jenkinson, Chelsey Flood, Sam Duda, Christine Cooper, Katharine Coldiron, Catherine Browne

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Stories from our so called generation.

Up close and personal, Born in the 1980s tells the story of a generation coming of age. As the reality of the adult world begins to bite, love and lust, broken dreams and heartbreak and emotional take the place of teenage hopes. This is a generation finding its feet and carving out its place in the world.

Born in the 1980s (Route 21) is a title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories.

‘If you were born in the 1980s and want to reminisce abolut “growing up”, are twentysomething and want to show your feelings instead of telling them, or not twentysomething and just want to learn something about the “next wave”, this is the book for you. It definitely captures the spirit of a generation up and coming.‘ – The Bloomsbury Review.

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Chelsey Flood - The Grief Benches

Short Story. A young waitress takes a fresh look at her life and the world she lives in when a pregnancy test reads positive. From Born in the 1980s. Read by the author.

Sally Jenkinson - Brown Rice

Short story from Born in the 1980s. A day in the life of a young single father trying to cope with bringing up his daughter. From Born in the 1980s. Read by the author.

Christine Cooper - What Am I Doing Here?

Short story. Cerys is carving out her life in Soweto, working in an orphanage, when an email from her sister back home in Wales brings bad news about her grandmother, forcing her to confront her feelings about home and what she is doing with her life. From Born in the 1980s. Read by the author.

  • Christine Cooper - What Am I Doing Here? (25:42)
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Reviews for the Route Series of Contemporary Stories

Born in the 1980s reviews


Alex Wire

Alex Wire is a journalist and fiction writer from Nottingham. He has been published in Brilliant and Twisted Tongue magazines and the anthology Sailing on a Dream, as well as several websites. His story 'A Christmas Outing in February' features in Born in the 1980s.

Gareth Storey

Gareth Eoin Storey was born in Dublin. He started writing poetry and short fiction at eighteen and graduated last year in Creative Writing at Kingston University. His story 'Grainne' features in Born in the 1908s.

Lou Perez

Luis Amate Perez (Lou Perez) is a writer/comedian based in New York City. He performs regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with his group, Greg and Lou. His story 'Christopher Robin is Cold' features in Born in the 1980s

Chris Killen

Chris Killen was born in 1981 and lives in Manchester. His first novel, The Bird Room is published by Canongate. His story 'The Fruit Fly' features in Born in the 1980s.

Sally Jenkinson

Sally Jenkinson grew up in Doncaster, and lives and works in Sheffield. She earwigs at bus stops, eavesdrops on bar stools, and generally spends her days in wide-eyed wonderment at the beautiful and terrifying minutiae of everyday life. Then she goes home and tries to write about it. Her story 'Brown Rice' features in Born in the 1980s.

Chelsey Flood

Chelsey Flood lives in Cornwall but was born in the Midlands. Her story 'Grief Benches' features in Born in the 1980s.

Sam Duda

Sam Duda was born in Norfolk in 1982. He has had stories published in anthologies and literary journals and is currently studying for a PhD in Newcastle. His stories feaute in Born in the 1980s and The Route Book at Bedtime.

Christine Cooper

Christine grew up in a lovely old farmhouse in West Wales. She wrote her first book at the age of five about a girl who meets the Easter Bunny. Christine is probably the only Chinese-speaking Welsh folk musician on the planet. She spends much of her time wondering how this combination might best be used to save the world. She currently lives in Sheffield. Her story 'What Am I Doing Here?' features in Born in the 1980s.

Katharine Coldiron

Katharine Coldiron lives and writes in Maryland, USA. Her work has appeared in Front&Centre, Gelf and Salome. She is the former editor of 10X10X10. She blogs, privately, at, and is currently working on a novel about Marilyn Monroe. Her story 'Fucked' features in Born in the 1980s.

Catherine Browne

Catherine Browne is the editor of Born in the 1980s. She works for an overseas development agency, bakes cakes and lives in York.


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