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Half a Pint of Tristram Shandy contains within its covers three distinct collections:

Talking To The Virgin Mary – Jo Pearson
Don’t Let Death Move In – Daithidh MacEochaidh
Tolstoy on a Horse – Peter Knaggs

‘Poetry should be constantly refreshing itself, constantly updating itself with new voices and perspectives, and that’s just what this book does. Here are three poets with new angles on old themes, new angles on very personal themes, and, dammit, lines that I wish I’d thought of.’ – Ian McMillan

‘Between the leaves of this book lies the mad boundless energy of the globe cracking-up under our very noses; it is a world which is harnessed in images of jazz, sex, drugs, aliens, abuse; in effective colloquial language and manic syntax; but the themes are always treated with gravity, unsettling candour and humour.’ – Jack Mapanje