Ideas Above Our Station

Ideas Above Our Station (Route 18) Fifteen writers have risen to the challenge to put the ideal story into their fellow traveller’s hand.

‘A diverting travelling companion’ – The Guardian

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ISBN: 1901927288
Extent: 212
Editor/s: Ian Daley

Cover Price £8.99 Web £6.99
eBook available on Kindle

Someone is waiting for a train, or it could be a bus or an aeroplane. They are alone. For company, in their coat pocket they are carrying a book of stories. They sit down and take out the book. It falls open on the first page. What would be the perfect read for them to find there?

Ideas Above Our Station (Route 18) is a title in Route Series of Contemporary Stories.

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Guy Ware - The Temptation of Pogo

Short story. A playful satire which follows the fortunes of Pogo, an imaginary friend who is manifested in the brain of his current client as a little fat boy in a sailor suit, an image that troubles him greatly. From Ideas Above Our Station. Read by the author.

  • The Temptation of Pogo (16:40)
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