In The Light of This

Audio CD – Here is an intertwining of voice, rhythm, roots music and poetry. The Psychicbread provide music that works to underscore, and empower the magical words of Mark Gwynne Jones.

‘Inspired…one of the most accomplished performance poets in the land…drawing the audience into a world where things are not quite what they seem’ – The Guardian

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ISBN: Audio CD
Extent: 11 tracks

Author: Mark Gwynne Jones

Price £10.00 National Poetry Day Special Web Price £3

Audio CD – In The Light Of This takes listeners on a musical and poetic journey through time and space. Here, poems become songs. The Psychicbread sound mixes contemporary narratives with world beats, piano, kora and flute. This is a sound that draws on an ancient tradition yet tackles the complexities of our changing world with a beautiful and savage humour.


Mark Gwynne Jones and The Psychicbread - Tracks from In the Light of This

Two tracks from Mark Gwynne Jones and The Psychicbread - 'The Love That Hides Between the Stars' (5:04) and 'Wild Garlic' (3:36) - from In The Light of This

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  • Psychicbread Live at The Kings Arms
    Watch three tracks from Mark Gwynne Jones and The Psychicbread performed live at The Kings Arms in Salford. 'The Love That Hides Between The Stars', '13 Teeth' and 'The City is a Drunk'. (25:45)


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Mark Gwynne Jones

Mark Gwynne Jones is a poet who works in film, on stage, in print and with music. During his travels Mark has sold poetry to the CIA, won The National Trust Poetry Competition and thrice won the Buxton Festival Fringe. He currently tours with The Psychicbread providing an unforgettable show of music and poetry.


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