Naked City

Naked City (Route 15) At the start of this century the cities up and down the UK got a makeover, with city appartments, bar and restaurant cultures and new lifestyle possibilities. These stories look at the effect these changes had, written by the people who lived through them.

‘This collection not only embodies the city, but occupies the very soul of the urban landscape.’ – Inc Writers

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ISBN: 978-1901927238
Extent: 272
Editor/s: Ian Daley, Anthony Cropper

Authors: Steve Dearden, Penny Feeny, Tajinder Singh Hayer, Jane Graham, Mandy MacFarlane, Char March, James Nash, Tom Palmer, Adrian Reynolds, Michael Stewart, James K Walker, Lee Harrison, Mark Costello, Ian Daley

Cover Price: £8.95 Web £6.99

At the heart of the modern city we find stories of lovers, stories of people with a desire to connect to someone else, something else. This collection reveals the experience of living through changing times, of people shaking the past and dreaming of better days, people finding their place, adapting to new surroundings, laughing and forgetting, living and loving in the grip of the city. Perhaps there are eight million stories in the naked city. Here are just a few of them. Included are a series of naked city portraits as seen through the lens of photographer Kevin Reynolds and a selection of the very best in new short fiction in a bonus section, This Could Be Anywhere.

Naked City (Route 15) is a title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories. First published in 2004.

Note: the paperback book contains prints of nude photography.

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Reviews for Naked City

Reviews for the Route Series of Contemporary Stories


Steve Dearden

Steve Dearden’s short stories have been published by magazines in the UK, Australia and Finland. He works extensively to support new writing in his role as a consultant and as a director of The Writing Squad. Steve edited the Light Transports short story collections and his stories appear in Naked City and Route Compendium.

Penny Feeny

Penny Feeny is an award-winning short story writer, whose work has featured in many literary magazines in the UK and overseas. She has contributed to anthologies including Northern Stories (Arc) Her Majesty (Tindal Street), Bracket (Comma Press), Small Voices, Big Confessions (EditRed) and Dundee New Writing. Her stories have been broadcast on local radio, Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. She lives in Liverpool. Two of her stories feature in Naked City.

Tajinder Singh Hayer

Tajinder Singh Hayer is from Bradford. He has had poems and short stories published in magazines, several short plays put on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, and has had a short radio drama produced by the BBC. Most recently he has been a writer-in-residence at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. He has completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Leeds and also teaches Creative Writing at the University of Bradford. His story 'Percentages' appears in Naked City and 'On the Outside' features in Route Compendium.

Jane Graham

Jane Graham's works include Floozy (published in 1997 by Slab-O-Concrete), a series of sometimes funny, often nerve-racking adventures around the more grubby haunts of the north of England, Kitchen Sink which appeared in the anthology Brit Pulp! in 1999, and the self-published zine Shag Stamp produced throughout the nineties and still remembered among zinesters. She is also a regular contributor to the underground periodical Headpress. Her story 'Expectanz' which features in Naked City was written shortly after giving birth to her first child.

Mandy MacFarlane

Mandy MacFarlane is a short story writer from Dundee, for a long time based in Leeds before returning back north. She is published in several creative writing publications including Cutting Teeth and Dreamcatcher. Her story 'Breaking for the Border' features in Naked City and her mini-collection of stories The Love of the Wild and Wayward features in Route Compendium.

Char March

Char March is an award-winning poet, playwright and short fiction writer. She grew up in the 1960s and '70s in Central Scotland. Char now divides her time between her 82-year-old mum's (in the NW Highlands) and her own home in the Yorkshire Pennines. Her story 'The Importance of Tea and Rabbits' features in Some Girls' Mothers and 'Muff-Diving Over The Fish Market’ in Naked City.

James Nash

James Nash is Writer in Residence for Leeds University, Faculty of Education, and for High Schools in Calderdale. Route have published a number of James' stories, including two in the collection Four Fathers.

Tom Palmer

Tom is a writer and reader development activist, inspiring boys and men to engage with reading through their interest in sport. He writes a children's fiction series about a football detective, and his short stories have been published in collections published by Comma, Relish and Route. Tom is the editor of Four Fathers.

Adrian Reynolds

Adrian Reynolds started his life in Birmingham, and gradually made his way to Nottingham. He is primarily a scriptwriter, with numerous stage credits, has written episodes of Doctors for the BBC, and devised feature film treatments for production companies. Adrian also runs workshops on scriptwriting and other forms of creativity and communication. His story 'Rules of the Game' features in Naked City.

Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart the writer-in-residence at Theatre in the Mill and senior lecturer in creative writing at Huddersfield University, where he is the director of the Huddersfield Literature Festival. He was the winner of the BBC Alfred Bradley Award in 2003. His story 'Dog in a Bag' features in Naked City.

James K Walker

James K Walker has written freelance and fiction for numerous publications. When James is not writing he likes to play football with the kids on his street, but refuses to go in goal. His stories appear in Naked City, Wonderwall and his mini-collection 'The Three and a Half Day Parent' features in Route Compendium.

Lee Harrison

Lee Harrison's stories and novels, both published and forthcoming, are influenced by his being from Kingston upon Hull. He dabbles as as illustrator, his work can be seen at His stories appear in Next Stop Hope and Naked City

Mark Costello

Mark Costello lives in North Cumbria, works for a voluntary sector organisation and writes short stories. His story 'Crime Class' features in Naked City.

Ian Daley

Ian Daley was born in Featherstone, West Yorkshire. Destined for a life working underground, he left school during the miners’ strike of 1984 and somehow became a book publisher. He is the founding editor of Route and lives and works in Pontefract.


Model Thinking - Naked City

A trio of the models featured in Naked City talk about what motivated them to get involved with the project and what they got out of the experience.


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