Naked City

Naked City (Route 15) At the start of this century the cities up and down the UK got a makeover, with city appartments, bar and restaurant cultures and new lifestyle possibilities. These stories look at the effect these changes had, written by the people who lived through them.

‘This collection not only embodies the city, but occupies the very soul of the urban landscape.’ – Inc Writers

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ISBN: 978-1901927238
Extent: 272
Editor/s: Ian Daley, Anthony Cropper

Cover Price: £8.95 Web £6.99

At the heart of the modern city we find stories of lovers, stories of people with a desire to connect to someone else, something else. This collection reveals the experience of living through changing times, of people shaking the past and dreaming of better days, people finding their place, adapting to new surroundings, laughing and forgetting, living and loving in the grip of the city. Perhaps there are eight million stories in the naked city. Here are just a few of them. Included are a series of naked city portraits as seen through the lens of photographer Kevin Reynolds and a selection of the very best in new short fiction in a bonus section, This Could Be Anywhere.

Naked City (Route 15) is a title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories. First published in 2004.

Note: the paperback book contains prints of nude photography.

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Model Thinking - Naked City

A trio of the models featured in Naked City talk about what motivated them to get involved with the project and what they got out of the experience.


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