Next Stop Hope

Route (14) Next Stop Hope was the first title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories to appear in book form, the previous 13 issues had been newspapers. This full anthology contains new work from all the regular contributors to the Route newspaper, plus two further collections edited by M Y Alam and Anthony Cropper.

‘Your next stop should be the book shop.’ – Leeds Guide

Book details

ISBN: 1901927199
Editor/s: M Y Alam, Anthony Cropper, Ian Daley

Authors: M Y Alam, Bob Beagrie, Val Cale, Michelle Scally Clarke, Anthony Cropper, Susan Everett, Pedro González, Philip Hancock, Bernard Hare, Mark Gwynne Jones, Daithidh MacEochaidh, Andrew Oldham, Jo Pearson, Chloe Poems, Ada Wilson, Lee Harrison, Ian Daley, James Bones

Cover Price: £6.95 Web £5.99

This bumper issue from Route, first published in 2002, brings together further chronicles of contemporary preoccupations. Presented in three distinct collections: Criminally Minded, Something Has Gone Wrong In The World and Next Stop Hope – this anthology takes you skilfully through the inner workings of the criminal mind, the nuances of human relationships and our personal connections with an increasingly disturbing world, where hope is hard to find.

‘An immensely entertaining mixture of drama, grit and humour. An energetic bag of tricks that never fails to entertain, your next stop should be the book shop.’ – Leeds Guide

Featuring new short fiction and poetry from thirty-three writers.

Next Stop Hope (Route 14) is a title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories.


Reviews for the Route Series of Contemporary Stories


M Y Alam

M Y Alam is the author of three novels, Annie Potts is Dead, Kilo and Red Laal. He has had several short stories published and is the editor of Made in Bradford and The Invisible Village. He is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Bradford.

Bob Beagrie

Bob Beagrie was born and lives in Middlesbrough. He has produced text for public artwork and sculpture at various sites across the Tees valley. Four of his poems feature in Next Stop Hope.

Val Cale

Val Cale is a nomadic Irishman who left college and set off on a mad trip across the globe in search of himself. His account of this trip is recounted in his road-book The Blackstuff.

Michelle Scally Clarke

Michelle Scally Clarke is a performance poet based in Leeds. Her turbulent early life was recounted in I Am, a memoir written when she was 30 years old. Her first full collection, She Is was published in 2003. Both books are published by Route and contain CDs of Michelle in performance with musical accompaniment.

Anthony Cropper

Anthony Cropper is the author of the short story collection Nature's Magician and has published two novels, Jack and Sal and Weatherman. He has co-edited three collections of short stories, Next Stop Hope, Naked City and Wonderwall. In 2005 his play, I'll Tell You About Love, won the BBC Alfred Bradley Award for Radio Drama.

Susan Everett

Susan Everett is a writer, filmmaker and tutor. She is a previous winner of the Carl Foreman Award for Screenwriting and she won the Lynda La Plante "Humour" short story prize. Crazy Horse, her first novel, is published by Route.

Pedro González

Pedro González is a student of music and DJ of a cultural bent who performs as DJ Pedro Mestizo at events in Manchester. The resident DJ for Route in the early years, he also wrote regular articles for the Route newspaper and website. His story ‘’Mas Se Perdío En Cuba' features in Next Stop Hope.

Philip Hancock

Philip Hancock works as a decorator, mainly in London, though he originates from Newchapel, Stoke-on-Trent. He has articles and short stories in previous Route anthologies, including ‘A Damn Good Finish’, which appeared in Next Stop Hope and ‘Mr Sam the Spaceman’ which appeared in Wonderwall. His poems have appeared in: Orbis; The Rialto; Other Poetry; Smoke; South and Smiths Knoll.

Bernard Hare

Bernard Hare was born in 1958 into a Leeds mining family. He was educated at grammar school and after gaining a BA in Applied Social Sciences at Hatfield Polytechnic, he became a social worker. Dillusioned with the system following the miners’ strike of 1984, he dropped out, working occasionally as a removal man. His novel Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew is published by Hodder and Stoughton. His story 'This Happy Breed of Men' features in Next Stop Hope.

Mark Gwynne Jones

Mark Gwynne Jones is a poet who works in film, on stage, in print and with music. During his travels Mark has sold poetry to the CIA, won The National Trust Poetry Competition and thrice won the Buxton Festival Fringe. He currently tours with The Psychicbread providing an unforgettable show of music and poetry.

Daithidh MacEochaidh

Daithidh MacEochaidh: novelist, poet, publisher, man of letters. His first novel Like a Dog To Its Vomit is published by Route, and his poetry collection ‘Don’t Let Death Move In’ features in Half a Pint of Tristram Shandy. Daithidh edited 'East of No East' a mini-collection of Bulgarian shorts which features in Route Offline.

Andrew Oldham

Andrew Oldham is an author, screenwriter and poet. Andrew is one of the founders of the grass roots Literary Promoter, Incwriters and is the managing editor of the Arts and Literature magazine, Incorporating Writing. His story 'Spanking the Monkey' features in Next Stop Hope.

Jo Pearson

Born into a one time mining family in Ossett, West Yorkshire in 1970, Jo Pearson was brought up on Merseyside, returning in 1984 with a scouse accent at the height of the miner’s strike. Jo studied music and psychology in York and London and worked in Edinburgh as a music therapist. Talking to the Virgin Mary features in Half a Pint of Tristram Shandy

Chloe Poems

'Hello, my name is Chloe Poems. I'm a gay, socialist transvestite, and that's as close to compromise as I get.' Chloe Poems is a veteran of the cabaret and poetry circuits. Route published Chloe's Adult Entertainment collection, complete with a live recording, in June 2002.

Ada Wilson

Adrian Wilson is a writer, journalist and musician. He signed to a major record label at the age of 16 with his band Strangeways. His novels Red Army Faction Blues, Very Acme and The Righteous Brother are published by Route.

Lee Harrison

Lee Harrison's stories and novels, both published and forthcoming, are influenced by his being from Kingston upon Hull. He dabbles as as illustrator, his work can be seen at His stories appear in Next Stop Hope and Naked City

Ian Daley

Ian Daley was born in Featherstone, West Yorkshire. Destined for a life working underground, he left school during the miners’ strike of 1984 and somehow became a book publisher. He is the founding editor of Route and lives and works in Pontefract.

James Bones

James Bones is a writer of short stories from Warrington. He has worked in fashion, law enforcement and a comicbook shop. He is a massive Bob Dylan fanboy. His story 'Maggie's Farm' appears in Wonderwall and 'Lifters' in Next Stop Hope.


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