The Budists


The Budists are a four piece band who play improvised urban punk sounds. Their album Ain’t That A Bitch comes free with the book Warehouse.

The Budists are Clayton Devanny (Guitar/Vocals), Bob Abraham (Bass), Steve Dymond (Keyboards) and Jono Bell (Drums)


Budists - Tracks from Warehouse

Two tracks from northern urban funk outfit Budists - 'Soul Provider' (4:12) and 'Aint That A Bitch' (3:26) - from Warehouse CD

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The Freewheel

Warehouse author and Budists front man Clayton Devanny has teamed up with partner Laura Midgley to form The Freewheel. Here they talk a little about their music, songs, what inspires them and their plans for the future.


Reviews for Warehouse


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