Chloe Poems


‘Hello, my name is Chloe Poems. I’m a gay, socialist transvestite, and that’s as close to compromise as I get.’

Chloe Poems is a gingham clad performance poet who has been battling against hypocrisy for a considerable number of years now. A veteran of cabaret and poetry circuits, Chloe has published a number of books, including I Am Kamp and Universal Rentboy, and has made a series of recordings with Switchflicker Records. Route published Chloe’s Adult Entertainment collection, complete with a live recording, in June 2002.

Chloe Poems is the creation of writer, actor and director Gerry Potter.


Podcast - Foreword Poets Live

In Foreword, Chloe Poems introduces thirteen of Manchester’s brightest new talents who lead us by the hand through the emotional and political landscape of a city that boasts the most vibrant performance poetry scene in the UK. Recorded live in Manchester's Green Room. (28:27)

Chloe Poems - Tracks from Adult Entertainment

Two tracks from Chloe Poems' CD Adult Entertainment - 'The Effeminate' (7:44) and 'Canal Street's Biggest Celebrity' (6:46) - recorded live in Leeds.

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Reviews for Adult Entertainment


Adult Entertainment

Full collection of verse from a genuine master of the performace poetry genre. This collection includes a CD of Chloe recorded live in Leeds.

‘A compelling advocate, slamming out a verbal rhythm with the pugnacity of a bare-knuckle fighter’ – The Independent


A showcase publication of performance poets on the Manchester scene introduced by Chloe Poems.

Next Stop Hope

Route (14) Next Stop Hope was the first title in the Route Series of Contemporary Stories to appear in book form, the previous 13 issues had been newspapers. This full anthology contains new work from all the regular contributors to the Route newspaper, plus two further collections edited by M Y Alam and Anthony Cropper.

‘Your next stop should be the book shop.’ – Leeds Guide


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