Chloe Poems


‘Hello, my name is Chloe Poems. I’m a gay, socialist transvestite, and that’s as close to compromise as I get.’

Chloe Poems is a gingham clad performance poet who has been battling against hypocrisy for a considerable number of years now. A veteran of cabaret and poetry circuits, Chloe has published a number of books, including I Am Kamp and Universal Rentboy, and has made a series of recordings with Switchflicker Records. Route published Chloe’s Adult Entertainment collection, complete with a live recording, in June 2002.

Chloe Poems is the creation of writer, actor and director Gerry Potter.


Podcast - Foreword Poets Live

In Foreword, Chloe Poems introduces thirteen of Manchester’s brightest new talents who lead us by the hand through the emotional and political landscape of a city that boasts the most vibrant performance poetry scene in the UK. Recorded live in Manchester's Green Room. (28:27)

Chloe Poems - Tracks from Adult Entertainment

Two tracks from Chloe Poems' CD Adult Entertainment - 'The Effeminate' (7:44) and 'Canal Street's Biggest Celebrity' (6:46) - recorded live in Leeds.

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