Clayton Devanny


A musician and songwriter, Clayton has been the lead guitarist for an assortment of bands, primarily playing blues and funk. He has composed and produced soundtracks for several websites, and a number of his articles on music have been published in the Route newspaper. He is a member of Budists and The Freewheel. His stories feature in Warehouse.


Budists - Tracks from Warehouse

Two tracks from northern urban funk outfit Budists - 'Soul Provider' (4:12) and 'Aint That A Bitch' (3:26) - from Warehouse CD

The Freewheel - 3 Tracks

Clayton Devanny and Laura Midgley combine to write soulful songs with amazing harmonies. The song 'Everything Reminds Me Of Something' is inspired by Ian Clayton's book Bringing It All Back Home.

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The Freewheel

Warehouse author and Budists front man Clayton Devanny has teamed up with partner Laura Midgley to form The Freewheel. Here they talk a little about their music, songs, what inspires them and their plans for the future.


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Funk, blues and short fiction collection created by a generation of young men of unfortunate destiny.


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