Haifa Zangana is an author and activist. She has published three novels and four collections of short stories. She is a founding member of International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies (IACIS); co-founder of Women Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq and was an advisor for the UNDP report ‘Towards the rise of women in the Arab world’ (2005).  She is a weekly columnist for Al Quds Al Arabi, contributes to British and US papers, and lectures regularly on Iraqi literature and women’s issues.

She is the author of Women on a journey; between Baghdad and London (2007), City of Widows; An Iraqi woman account of war and resistance (2007), and Dreaming of Baghdad (2009). Her most recent book is Torturer in the Mirror with Ramsey Clark and Thomas Ehrlich Reifer.

She is  the author of numerous essays, articles and book reviews in literary magazines and peer reviewed journals on subjects ranging from Iraqi Studies, Arab literature, cinema and art.