When Helen Bevington was nine years old, her school teacher asked the class if anyone was interested in learning the violin. Helen’s hand shot up. Within a year she had decided, quite definitely, that she was going to be a professional violinist.

Helen grew up in Bristol with a love for both classical and popular music, playing in various youth orchestras and the bands Gunner Cade, and Uncle Po, before studying classical violin at the Birmingham Conservatoire, where she was headhunted by Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners, who gave her an assumed Irish identity as Helen O’Hara.

She played a key role on two classic Dexys albums, Too-Rye-Ay and Don’t Stand Me Down. When Dexys split up in 1986, she went on to work with Tanita Tikaram, and recorded two solo instrumental albums.

Following a 23 year break from music to raise a family in rural Kent, she picked up the violin once more.  After immersing herself in English folk dance music, she re-connected with Dexys and Tanita Takiram, who she continues to work with, in addition to playing with Tim Burgess.

Book: What’s She Like: A Memoir.