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Ian Clayton is an author, broadcaster and storyteller from Featherstone, West Yorkshire. His stories are about making sense of where we come from. His books include Bringing It All Back Home, a bestselling book about music; Song For My Father about his lifelong search for a father figure; Our Billie about loss; and It’s The Beer Talking, about adventures in public houses. Right Up Your Street is the first volume of columns he’s written for Pontefract and Castleford Express. He is the co-compiler of Wisdom of Our Own, a book that tells the story of a learning centre that grew out of the Women Against Pit Closures movement and he co-wrote Iain Matthews’s memoir Thro’ My Eyes.

Ian’s website: www.ianclaytoninfo.wordpress.com


Ian Clayton - Young Man Blues

The story of the night that Jimi Hendrix played Ilkley starts in John Entwistle’s Cotswolds mansion. From Bringing It All Back Home. Read by the author.

Ian Clayton - Taproom

Ian Clayton spends the day being regaled by Arthur ‘Sooner’ Millard in a Featherstone taproom. From Bringing It All Back Home. Read by the author.

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  • Eddie Plays Piano
    Ian Clayton's son Edward is a budding pianist. Here he is having fun during practice, knocking out some Miles Davis and Scott Joplin. (3:55)
  • Mafeking Street
    Full version. Ian Clayton, author of Bringing It All Back Home, visits the street where he was born. (15:42)
  • Song For My Father Launch
    Launch event for Ian Clayton's memoir Song For My Father (3:09).
  • It's The Beer Talking Video Playlist
    Video playlist for Ian Clayton's memoir It's The Beer Talking: Adventures in Public Houses.


Ian Clayton Interview

Ian Clayton answers questions about Bringing It All Back Home in a public house in the Castleford Potteries, a traditional drinking hole adjacent to a dilapidated old tin hut which was once home to a school where a young Henry Moore began his education.


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About The Beer Book

A note from Ian Clayton about his book It's The Beer Talking: Adventures in Public Houses


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