Janet Watson


Janet Watson was born in Hull and studied in Sheffield before working as a journalist in Yorkshire and Edinburgh. She lives in Scotland, and works as a freelance writer, editor, and counsellor.


A Drink With Janet Watson

A conversation with Janet Watson about Nothing Ever Happens In Wentbridge. Janet’s drink of choice is Dry Blackthorn Cider. (43:59)

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Janet Watson Q&A

Janet Watson answers questions on her memoir Nothing Ever Happens in Wentbridge. 'I realised the only way to recreate my time with Mark was to relive it – particularly strange as a forty-something trying to imagine making love with Mark for the first time in the back of my old Austin!'


Nothing Ever Happens in Wentbridge Reviews


Haunted by Teen Spirits

'HAVE you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to your teenage years? To your first love? Close friends? Not just as an idle thought, but to really immerse yourself in those years, actually talk to those people and see whether their memories match yours?' Janet Watson writes about revisiting her youth in researching her memoir 'Nothing Ever Happens in Wentbridge'


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