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M Y Alam is the author of three novels, Annie Potts is Dead, Kilo and Red Laal. He has had several short stories published and is the editor of Made in Bradford and The Invisible Village. He is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Bradford.

Annie Potts is Dead
Red Laal

Oral History
Made in Bradford
The Invisible Village


Podcast - M Y Alam Interview

M Y Alam talks to Michael Stewart about Made in Bradford at the Huddersfield Literature Festival 2008.

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  • M Y Alam | Red Laal
    M Y Alam talks about his novel Red Laal and the themes therein with Nick Ahad at Ilkley Literature Festival. Filmed at Ilkley Playhouse, 1st October 2012.


M Y Alam Interview - Apocalypse Not Just Now

M Y Alam wrote a series of articles for the Route newspaper, which were published in 2000-2001 and have now been anthologized in an e-book Apocalypse Not Just Now. Here he answers some questions about the writing process.

M Y Alam Talks About Kilo

In the summer of 2002 M Y Alam spoke to Les Back from Goldsmiths College Centre for Urban and Community Research about his new novel Kilo, the 'riots' of 2001 and the influence of Bradford on his work.

Story Inspiration Author Interviews - Route Book at Bedtime

The Route Book at Bedtime (Route 22) is designed for adult bedtime reading, a book of 12 stories that aims to capture those moments of deep emotional significance which return to us in our dreams. But what is the story behind the stories? Here 11 of the authors talk about the inspiration behind the work.


Reviews for The Route Book at Bedtime

Made in Bradford Reviews

The Invisible Village - Reviews

Red Laal Reviews


Reflections on Writing Short Stories

A paper by M Y Alam on identity politics within the short story. The paper takes a look at what lies behind the production of short stories, from both a writer's and an academic standpoint. To support this, he offers an insight to 'Getting laced', his first short story, written as homework for English class at school. The paper was presented at the 11th International Conference on the Short Story in English, Toronto June 2010.


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