Simon Wolstencroft


Simon Wolstencroft is a musician from Manchester, England, best known for playing drums with The Fall between 1986 and 1997.

He was a member of The Patrol, an early incarnation of The Stone Roses, with childhood friends Ian Brown and John Squire and was also the drummer for Freak Party which featured Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke. After leaving The Fall, he went on to reunite with Stone Roses singer Ian Brown, performing and co-writing on his Golden Greats album.

Book: You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide


  • You Can Drum But You Cant Hide Video Playlist
    Video playlist for Simon Wolstencroft's memoir You Can Drum But You Can't Hide.
  • You Can Drum But You Can't Hide | Relaunch
    Simon Wolstencroft at the launch party for the new edition of his memoir You Can Drum But You Can't Hide, talking about his time in The Fall, his drug addiction, Freak Party and why he didn't join The Smiths. Followed by a live performance from The G-O-D.
  • Funky Si On Location
    Funky Simon Wolstencroft has been filming a series of vignettes at the sites featured in his memoir You Can Drum But You Can't Hide. Taking in locations in London, New York, Leeds, Coventry, Wales, and of course Greater Manchester. This playlist brings them all together in one continuous, chronological stream.


You Can Drum But You Cant Hide Reviews


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