Steve McKevitt


Steve McKevitt is an expert in marketing, communications and branding. Over a 20 year career, his clients have included Nike, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Sony PlayStation, Harvey Nichols, Motorola, Universal, Virgin, BT and Atari. His critically acclaimed book City Slackers revealed how most corporate business nowadays is actually conducted on the assumption that it will be a failure.

Steve is chairman of Golden, an ideas agency with clients in the UK, Europe and USA. He is married with three children and lives in Yorkshire.


A Drink With Steve McKevitt

A conversation with Steve McKevitt about Everything Now. Steve's drink of choice is Deuchars IPA. (32:52)

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  • How Advertising Works
    Steve McKevitt reads a passage from his book Everything Now that illustrates how advertising takes over your brain. (2:00)


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