Wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

For anyone lucky enough to presented with a shiny new book reading toy, a selection of Route books are available on Kindle. These books are perfect food for your new machine, whether that’s a Kindle itself, or via the Kindle app on an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, PC or Mac.

As a very special Christmas offer The Route Book at Bedtime is just £3.44.
‘Adult bedtime books don’t come much better than this.’

Click here to order and try your new device out under the covers.


Direct link to other Route titles

The Train of Ice and Fire – Ramon Chao
‘For Manu’s growing army of admirers, the book provides a magical-realist insight into how his music has developed.’ – The Guardian

Away From the Light of Day – Amadou and Mariam
‘I don’t think there’s ever been a band from Africa with whom people have engaged in quite such a way.’ – Damon Albarn

La Rochelle – A Novel – Michael Nath
‘Original, funny and absolutely spot-on.’ – The Independent

Some Girls’ Mothers
‘Wonderful voices, fabulous women.’ – Staple Magazine

Ideas Above Our Station
‘A diverting travelling companion.’ – The Guardian

Born in the 1980s
‘If you are twentysomething and want to show your feelings instead of telling them, or not twentysomething and just want to learn something about the “next wave”, this is the book for you.’ – Bloomsbury Review

More books can be found on our website www.route-online.com

Happy new year to you. Looking forward to some great new books in 2011.