A signed book from an author can turn an item of personal value into a cherished keepsake of financial worth, is a wonderful addition to any book collection, and they also make special gifts. We offer signed copies of a selection of our titles. Our music titles have been bestowed with Book of the Year Awards from Rolling Stone, Mojo, Rough Trade, Guardian and Reader’s Digest, and have been deemed worthy of being shortlisted for the Penderyn Music Book Prize, NME Book Award, Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award and PEN Ackerley Prize. Give the gift of the stories behind the music this Christmas.


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Thro’ My Eyes: A Memoir by Iain Matthews
Iain Matthews’s compelling memoir of a life on the road, in the studio and at home, through the eyes of one of our most enduring singer-songwriters. Choice of First Edition Hardback or a Deluxe Edition, which comes complete with an accompanying double CD of Iain’s songs.

If there was an award for the role of Godfather of Americana in the UK, serious consideration would have to go to Iain Matthews … It’s all there in [his] excellent autobiography, a great look at the harsh reality of the musician’s life – through the eyes of someone who has really lived it. Americana UK

What We Did Instead of Holidays: A History of Fairport Convention and Its Extrended Folk-Rock Family by Clinton Heylin
A comprehensive new biography of Fairport Convention and their many offshoots, telling the full story of English folk-rock in its golden era (1968-1982).

Candid, clear and cogent, presented with insight and chronologically, Clinton Heylin ties the loose threads of Fairport and its offshoots together in their own words. Diving deep beneath the surface of the music into the lives of the principals, he answers many un-asked questions. Simon Nicol, Fairport Convention co-founder & longest serving member



Three titles that take an in-depth look at seminal periods in Bob Dylan’s career, written by the world’s leading Dylan historian, Clinton Heylin. JUDAS! covers the 1965-66 world tour, when he infamously went electric and was greeted by boos almost everywhere he played. No One Else Could Play That Tune takes you up-close and personal in a New York studio when Dylan is recording Blood on the Tracks. Trouble In Mind covers the Gospel Years, 1979-81, when the boos were back out in force, shouting down Dylan’s nightly sermons about the second-coming of Jesus. (Rolling Stone Book of the Year 2017)



The Big Midweek is Steve Hanley’s multi-award winning memoir of his 18-year stint in The Fall. You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide by Simon Wolstencroft, a legendary Manchester drummer and the only man who can connect The Stone Roses, The Smiths and The Fall. Carpet Burns is Tom Hingley’s memoir of his time with Inspiral Carpets. Leave The Capital by Paul Hanley re-fashions the story of Manchester music through the prism of two studios, connecting bands such as Herman’s Hermits, The Mindbenders, The Hollies and 10cc to the post-punk Manchester music story.



The Train of Ice and Fire by Ramón Chao chronicles a madcap tour through Colombia with Mano Negra. Bringing It All Back Home by Ian Clayton is a modern classic, a best-selling memoir of how music connects to our lives. Away From The Light of Day is the heart-warming story of the blind couple of Mali, Amadou and Mariam. Anarchy in the Year Zero is Clinton Heylin’s gripping account of the punk explosion of 1976. Red Army Faction Blues is a fictional account of the circumstances surrounding Peter Green’s acid trip at the High-Fish Commune in Germany.



It’s The Beer Talking: Adventures in Public Houses by Ian Clayton
Not offically released until February 2019, we are offering exclusive advanced signed copies of Ian Clayton’s hilarious new memoir of a life in public houses direct from our website.

Ian’s book is brimming with laughter, tall stories, great memories and endless rounds of wonderful beer. It’s also a call to arms to save this unique institution. Roger Protz, Editor Good Beer Guide 2000-2018

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