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1. Red Army Faction Blues

Our first title of the year is is officially published today, Ada Wilson’s Red Army Faction Blues, a novel of music and politics.

‘Shows the power of the novel to illuminate a moment in history; the moment when terrorism became the new rock ’n’ roll, the paths that took us there and the paths we have taken since.’
– David Peace

A coalition government. A widely mistrusted ruling elite. Riots in the streets and heavy-handed police tactics. Welcome to West Berlin, 1967…

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2. All Embracing and Other Stories

Advance copies are now available of Dave Pescod’s new collection, All Embracing and Other Stories, which will be officially released in March.

‘Shining a tender light on the human heart, these stories capture the dignity of ordinary individuals and the wonderful everydayness of love. A delight to read.’Michelle Spring, Royal Literary Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge.

Click here for details of the book, a Q&A with Dave Pescod and to watch a short film of the title story ‘All Embracing’.

3. Poetry Podcast – Mark Gwynne Jones

A free poetry podcast is newly posted on our website. It brings together a selection of tracks from Mark Gwynne Jones’ debut CD Psychicbread.

‘Mark Gwynne Jones should be ruined with fame and money before he shows the rest of us up for the bunch of sissies we are. But if you don’t want the truth, don’t call a poet, at least not a real one.’ – Martin Newell, The Independent

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