Joel Willan’s Spellbound – Stories of Women’s Magic Over Men is released today.

Ever since men painted on cave walls, they’ve been making art out of their feelings for women. Byron and Keats did it with words, Bowie and Lennon did it with music. Joel Willans’s prize-winning stories feature men battling for women’s hearts with weapons as diverse as chocolates and chairs. Inspired by sweet love and bitter breakups, boundless suffering and one-sided adoration, these stories promise a spellbinding read and a unique insight into women’s magic over men.

‘Sharp, original and observant, with a generous helping of humour, Joel Willans’s stories are both thought-provoking and hugely entertaining. A great read.’ – Vanessa Gebbie

‘Willans mines the vagaries of love and desire and heartache with a luminous resonance and poignancy. An impressive debut.’ – Tom Vowler

Since leaving the English county of Suffolk, Joel Willans has lived in London, Vancouver, Helsinki and an Andean village in the Peruvian department of Apurímac. Currently, he lives in the Finnish countryside, in a converted hospital sauna, with his wife and two children. A partner at the communications agency, Ink Tank, his prize-winning stories have been broadcast on BBC radio and published in dozens of magazines and anthologies worldwide.

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