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The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall
Steve Hanley And Olivia Piekarski
Steve Hanley’s sublime story about his time in Britain’s most enigmatic band.
A Guardian Book of the Year, A Rough Trade Book of the Year
‘One of the more sincere and endearing band biographies available.’ – Los Angeles Review of Books
‘Whether you are a fan of the band or not, this is a fantastic rock’n’roll memoir. A wonderful reminder of what it once meant to be in a genuinely dangerous and groundbreaking group.’ – The Idler, Book of the Week
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Carpet Burns

Carpet Burns: Life With Inspiral Carpets
Tom Hingley
A magic carpet ride through the heights of Madchester and the bumpy landing on the other side.
‘A cool as f**k memoir.’ – Record Collector
‘Often witty and at times poignant, it’s a must for all Inspirals fans and devotees to popular culture of the time. (Want to know where Noel Gallagher first cut his teeth?)’ – Eartwister
>>Buy Direct: Signed Hardback Edition (£10 +P&P)
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Bringing It All Back Home

Bringing It All Back Home
Ian Clayton
Our bestseller, a breathtaking musical odyssey that reveals the secret that connects music to our heart.
‘One of the best books about popular music ever written.’ – Record Collector
‘Highly entertainingfull of wisdom and humanity.’ – Mojo
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The Train of Ice and Fire: Mano Negro in Colombia
Ramón Chao
A crazy rock and roll tour, with full circus entourage, through one of the most dangerous landscapes in the world. What could possibly go wrong?
‘Maybe it was the best adventure I ever had.’ – Manu Chao
‘Any band that ever moaned about the freshness of the backstage towels should read this book. Chao is an excellent chronicler, placing us right in the thick of the action.’ – Word
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Red Army Faction Blues

Red Army Faction Blues
Ada Wilson
What connects Peter Green to the Red Army Faction? Music and politics combine to provide a prescient exploration of what unravels when youthful ideralism meets the full force of the state.‘Peter Green provides the thematic thread drawing the novel’s diverse elements into focus, as though the Green God has the answers – the code to what happened, to why the urban guerrilla youthquake all went wrong. Brilliant stuff!’ – Rock n Reel
‘A magnificent book about the messy degeneration of high ideals and good music. Skilfully and almost breathlessly, the author reveals the confused interior life of Peter Urbach, the undercover agent, as well as that of ex-Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green.’ – Morning Star
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Away From the Light of Day
Amadou and Mariam
The inside track on the Blind Couple of Mali and their spectacular rise to global success through adversity, rich in Malian colour and atmosphere.
‘It’s Amadou who narrates the bulk of the tale, explaining Malian quirks and traditions with an amusing directness, and conveying his love for Mariam with the sort of heartwarming guilelessness that has become the couple’s trademark.’ – Songlines
‘As far from Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt as music biography gets.’ – Word
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