A Few Good Books – Writers Submission Guidelines
Following a brief interruption, we’re pleased to reopen our submission guidelines. As part of our ongoing publishing programme we have a genuine opportunity for a few good books. Our new guidelines reflect this and we’re hoping for a few standout book proposals. Click here for the guidelines.

Michael Nath Interview
Michael Nath answers questions on his novel La Rochelle.  ‘I was trying to write a novel that wasn’t too much like a “novel”. It had to have the qualities of life instead, such as thickness, abundance, presence, a degree of untidiness. I was after something baroque and dishevelled, with a coat of varnish.’

Short Story Reading
Sarah Butler reads her story ‘Rainbows Seen From the Air Are Complete Circles’ originally published in Wonderwall. Listen online or download MP3.

iTunes users can get access to our short story audio through our iTunes feed. Click here for details.

Some Girls’ Mothers Dates
Some Girls’ Mothers have two performance dates in March, in Leeds and Kendall. Their book is now also available as an eBook.