A showcase recording of the Foreword poets, recorded live in Manchester’s Green Room.

In Foreword, Chloe Poems introduces thirteen of Manchester’s brightest new talents who lead us by the hand through the emotional and political landscape of a city that boasts the most vibrant performance poetry scene in    the UK.

‘A city is many things and made of many components. Sometimes we only hear of a city’s football teams and celebrities, occasionally its politicians and always its riots. I believe we only hear what the media wants to tell us. All cities have secrets and performance poetry is one of the best kept…now we have a chance to hear what these poets want to tell us.’


Chloe Poems – Intro
Conor Aylward – I’m not a political writer
Tricia Ashworth – Re-arranging Love
Peter Hartey – Black and White
Jackie Hagan – Tea or Coffee?
Matt Panesh – I loved you like a brother ’til I found out you were a cocksucker
Anwen Lewis – Too Fat
Dominic Berry – Sellotape Smile
Stephanie Portersmith – Fabulous Cranes
David Byrne – Middle England
Moxy Casimir – Buttoned Fuchsia Leatherette
Lucinda Cardey – ‘Playing God’