bloominterviewemily All six of the authors featured in the young writers collection Bloom talk about the inspiration for their story and answer a follow-up question. In addition, to get us started, we hear from editor Emily Penn on the inspiration behind the collection and what it represents.

Emily Penn – Editor

I wanted to read what people my age and younger were writing. Short stories have that ability to capture a moment in time, provide a glimpse into a world or world view and my hunch was that 18-30 year olds at the turn of the century would capture some interesting and important glimpses. The writers in this selection proved me right.

I do think it’s important that new fiction by very new, but, as this collection shows, talented, creative, skilled, writers has a platform. It’s important that some of these platforms are within a ‘young’ context – managed and mediated by that writing community – but its equally important to provide young artists with a route to a general audience, to really test their skills and also to enable them to impact on the more established writing community – to become a part of it and to change it and help it move forward.

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