Wes Brown – Numinous

To describe a real conflict and hint at a history through silence. That what you don’t say, what you don’t do — can say so much. I set it against the background of a Cinema. Cinemas are great places. The light, the colour, the poise, they remind me of a circus. I looked to films like The Terminal and Lost in Translation to try and borrow a sense of place in the modern world. A backdrop that is at once startling, futuristic, baroque; but also banal, capitalized… empty.

Q: The title Numinous hints at a divine presence, a godly nod. Is this suggestive of the nature of the cinema, or is it more to do with the assembled cast of characters that drift through the story?

A. I came across the word ‘Numinous’ reading Carl Jung. He used it to describe something ‘unknowable’, something just beyond the reach of knowledge. I loved the idea and was motivated to create a kind of loitering, ethereal presence of a narrative. Where everything seems just beyond reach – hinting at something other than itself – something eternal, unknowable, untouchable. The beauty of fiction is the way it can duck and weave through life. The story floats among the cast of characters almost fly-on-the-wall, seeing their whole lives as a unified force of physics, biology, chemistry, consciousness: driven by the same laws, the same will. Yet maybe without meaning. The will is the real question.

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