bloomHannah Rodgers – Tulips

‘Tulips’ comes from an amalgamation of incidents that occurred when I was about thirteen. A friend of mine found four dead cats on the Trans-Pennine trail and a few months later a man hung himself in the local graveyard, which backed onto the trail. Being young girls we managed to scare ourselves half to death with talk of black magic and devil-worshipping. The old railway line was the quickest route from our village to the next and I have many memories of walking down it, both alone and with friends.

Q: You mention in your biography that the Pennines have a huge influence on your writing, what is it about the place that inspires you and what do you take from it?

A: It’s the essentially unchanged nature of the place that inspires me. One can look over the moors knowing that three hundred years ago it looked the same. The landscape reaches back into history, whereas a city landscape can only inspire one or two generations because it is in constant change.

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