Helen Elfer

The inspiration was all sorts of the weird things that happen during and after alcohol consumption I suppose! I wanted to write about the sort of moments that take on a really intimate feel when you least expect it and it’s often when you’re not fully compos mentis for whatever reason that they happen. As for the feet part – it was just an idea that suited the situation because it was quite surreal, and also because feet are a relatively personal body part but conventionally innocent. It seemed to fit circumstances that could be very loaded or just a bit silly.

Q: The story is set around a literal awakening of a young woman. Do you see evidence of a broader kind of awakening in the story too?

A: Yes – without wanting to be too definitive about it, I did think of Alex’s reluctant awakening as symbolic of her friendship with Greg, and realisation that it has suddenly and fundamentally changed without either’s intention. Alex’s heightened awareness of tension between them is sharp enough to make her awkward and uncomfortable, made worse by the fact she doesn’t know if Greg’s casualness is hiding anything. The strangeness of the situation has both provoked the shift and enabled Alex to see it. In this sense it has awoken her to the fact that their friendship has crossed a line.

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