apocalypseQ: On the sense of progression, these articles were written over an eighteen month period. Is there any sense of progression within the articles themselves?

A: I guess so, sure. My own writing progressed in terms of style and scope. Actually, the Route pieces were all part of a phase or the phase itself, perhaps. In terms of development, it was a kind of adolescent phase for my writing. It’s when I started venturing a bit more and tried pushing a few boundaries. Started getting all uppity and rebellious like kids do when they realise they can. It was a good way to learn about writing and the world and I think, perhaps, I might well have got quite a lot from that tall moment. I thought a lot and I did a lot but it all had purpose. Before the Route paper, it was all ‘material’; meaningless, purposeless and pretty inane material that thankfully never saw the light of day.

I suppose the other thing is that each of the articles do mark a point in time. It says something about the state of my city, the nation, the world and my state of mind. As the world moved, as events unfolded, so did my reactions. More often than not, bad shit happened and I got to think and then write about it. As the world progressed, so did my take on it. In a way, the route pieces are like a bunch of diary entries for me as an individual and as a citizen. The jobseeker stuff I wrote because I experienced being a jobseeker; I blathered on about 911 because that shit would change everything.

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