Q: The idea of ‘meaningless material’. The article ‘Vic Allen Changed My Life’ is a centre piece in the collection and strongly states that writing is a mugs game. That article came after a string of relatively light comedic pieces, then world events take over and there is a renewed sense of purpose in what follows. Do you still possess this sense of purpose and if you were asked to write an article for the Route paper today, what would you write about?

A: It’s not that I ever thought writing was a mugs game. It’s just that there’s more to life than writing. When I wrote the Vic Allen piece, my attitude toward writing was beginning to change. Up until then, I was somewhat obsessed with the practice and idea of writing. I held that for quite a long time. Sooner or later, I was bound to realise life was passing me by. I guess I was lucky to have just stopped when I did. Authorship, literature and the idea of being a writer just wasn’t all that important to me any more. At one level, it’s little more than a label and I’m not sure if it really applies to me any more. These days, writing is something that I occasionally do in the same way that five-a-side footy is something that I do. I know both pursuits are primarily selfish; about my own enjoyment and that neither makes a shits worth of difference in the greater scheme of things. Having said all that, here I am, wittering like I am a writer or at least still interested in all that. Maybe it’s a question of priorities. Maybe the writing’s still there but takes a back seat to other things like… well, like getting a life, I guess.

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