kiloQ: Have you read any good books recently?

A: Lately, I have been reading more books than I’ve ever read before but I can’t say most of them have been ‘good’. That’s one of the reasons why I was never such a big reader: what I called good, enjoyable books were few and far between.

One of the books that I’ve read lately does stand out, though. King of the World, by David Remnick is well worth reading whether you’re a boxing fan or not. I like the way Remnick sets up Ali’s introduction by writing about the fighters before him, focusing on the contrast between Floyd Patterson and Sonny Liston.

At the moment, though, I’m reading Macbeth with a commentary for the hell of it and also trying to read The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe which is an odd kind of book. It doesn’t half drag on and repeat itself in some parts – I think it might even be one of those that I retire from before I hit the hundred page mark: way too pedestrian and fairly depressing, too, some of it.

Q: And when can we expect see another book from M Y Alam?

A: Sometime, maybe.

Apolcalypse Not Just Now is available as a PDF Ebook

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