route_offlineOn another level the book will be a semi-biography as it compares my own father with Brian to see how similar the two are. I’ve always been interested in surrealism and the mixing together of disparate elements to create new meanings and so I hope to prove that a fat colour-blind accountant and Forest’s greatest manager are very similar indeed. Doing this also enables me to take the story to another level and open up a whole series of questions about the nature of relationships, and who and what really matters in a persons life. This, I suppose, is the primary aim of the project – to extend the boundaries of biography and offer a multi-dimensional story which can be read on many levels by many different people. It will also be a celebration of Nottingham and its many merry men and women.

Q: And when you sit down to write the book, how will you dress, will you be wearing a cravat?

A: No, I’m a green jumper man like Cloughie – I know where I came from and I know where I’m going. The cravat, although aesthetically on the eye, is nothing more than a refined choker. Life is hard enough as it is without voluntarily restricting the airways.

The Three and a Half Day Parent features in Route Offline.

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