laverty-dancingQ:  What about Lily, Eric’s first partner?

A: I liked the idea of them meeting up at the dancing. To touch takes confidence. It makes for a massive contrast when we join them almost 30 years later. I’m intrigued by the idea that there are many versions of ourselves as we grow older. They have connected in a very profound way at very young stage of their lives. What makes it special is that they know in their heart it is mutual. The intensity of that first youthful encounter is ingrained in their memory for life. Quite apart from physical ease between them I suspected Eric made her laugh and he was attracted to her brightness.  But to be left abandoned with a child by somebody you love is a shattering blow. Lily was nearly crushed by that. She had to find herself again too, but at a much earlier stage of her life. One of life’s great challenges is to bring up children, but to do it on your own is so much more difficult and I have the deepest of respect for single parents.

Lily has grown. Eric is stuck. Some select few are artists with their own lives – they are content and have learned to live life to the full. She tells Eric at one point ‘I have chosen a simple life, but it’s mine.’ They nourish themselves and others round them in everything that they do. I have met grandparents like that. Lily is quite special because of her generosity. A different character would have been embittered for ever – and that’s understandable and very human, but I think Lily has had the talent and the determination to rebuild her life. It doesn’t mean that she’s not scared of being hurt again. There is a chasm of distrust and many years to bridge, but she is still her own woman and has the insight to sense Eric’s weaknesses. Despite all the mistakes and ‘water under the bridge’ there is still a singular connection between them that vies with what separated them. Little wonder Eric wants to be able to look her in the eye again and feel she’s not just being sorry for him. I think Steph (actress playing Lily) radiates generosity without even trying.

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