freewheel-colourWarehouse author and Budists front man Clayton Devanny has teamed up with partner Laura Midgley to form The Freewheel. Here they talk a little about their music, songs, what inspires them and their plans for the future.

Q: It’s been a few years since we put out Warehouse. What’s been happening since then, what you’ve been up to and what’s the story on the Budists these days?

Clayton: Well, since Warehouse went out the Budists kinda fragmented. Jono (the drummer) decided to go down south to do a degree, Bob (the bass player) got offered a management position in a pub in Dewsbury, Steve (organ) was always busy with other bands and still is so it went down hill from there really. We kept on doing gigs but they were few and far between. We’re doing a sort of reunion gig soon actually which should be massive fun as we haven’t all been together for quite a while.

Shortly after this I met Laura who wanted guitar lessons but then confessed it was singing she was more interested in. So sing something I said. After much embarrassment she sang and my mind was blown. So we formed The Freewheel, started writing together, doing gigs and have been since. It’s going well. We are in the middle of recording our first album which is exciting and we have also got a few festival dates lined up for this summer. I also joined a more electronic band recently (Whiskey a Go-Go.) We’ve got some live radio gigs coming up and I must say it is fun playing the electric riff stick again!

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