freewheel-lauraLaura: Some of our songs originate from personal experience, others are created by putting ourselves into the shoes of close ones who have suffered these kind of things – ‘On Track‘ for instance draws upon the experiences of some women around the area where we live and this song in particular is the most emotional to sing because you have to really put yourself into that position to deliver conviction when performing it. I remember performing it once and seeing a member of the audience who’d largely inspired Clayton to write this haunting song and being quite over-whelmed by her presence – luckily for me she was completely oblivious to the subject matter and was simply enjoying the cheerful melody! ‘Craving‘ on the other hand, is a song that I think everyone can relate to and has experienced to some degree or another – it depicts someone who is totally besotted by their loved one and these are the kind of songs that just kind of happen spontaneously. To be honest mine and Clayton’s songwriting styles differ quite vastly, and generally speaking I enjoy writing about what I’m feeling at the time and try to deliver, without trying to preach, a message, whilst Clayton enjoys writing from the point of view of imaginary characters and so together it’s a good mix.

Q: It certainly sounds like a good mix. Those harmonies you sing together are so close, it seems like you were destined to find each other. It’s like early morning birdsong. We know a good deal about Clayton’s back story, how about yourself? Do you have a performance history or is this your first public outing? In short, what brings you to The Freewheel and how are you getting along, what are your plans etc?

Laura: I’ve been performing all my life, in fact my Dad still tells the rather embarrassing tale about when I was 6 or 7 in a swimming pool and I just gazed up at him and said in a serious tone, ‘Dad, I was born to sing…’! He jokes that I could sing before I could talk. From age 10-18 I sang with Wakefield Cathedral Girls choir which gave me first class training in sight-singing, harmonies and general musicianship – I also got to tour Sweden and the UK and perform a duet on TV, which was great. Then I furthered my music career at the University of Leeds, which was a really broad BA in music, so I could basically study anything I wanted and although we were encouraged to go for the more classical modules, I always found myself in the popular music classes and anything practical to do with the voice. Clayton and I continued with The Freewheel all the way through my degree but it is only now that it feels like we are really beginning to take flight. I put a lot of effort in this year to get us onto the festival scene as I think this is a really good avenue for our style of music and this has come into fruition. Basically, we need some management, someone who knows the business side of things better than we do! So for now we’re concentrating on gigging loads and also on producing the best recordings possible at our friend’s home studio, in an attempt to find some good representation. It almost does feel as if Clayton and I were destined to meet – I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. We were in a big dilemma for a long while as to whether or not to have solo projects as well as The Freewheel because it was such a mix of styles but then we came to our senses and decided to throw them all into the same bag!

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