claytondevannyQ: The song ‘Everything Reminds Me of Something’ is clearly inspired by Ian Clayton’s book Bringing It All Back Home. Could you tell us a little about that song?

Clayton: Yeah, the book really got me you know! The end choked me up big style. It got me drawing comparisons between the tragic loss of Ian’s child and the equally tragic loss of my sister. Although she passed away quite a few years ago now, it took me straight back to that place, what I was feeling, the sheer desperation and helplessness of it all. Everything really does remind me of something! So I wrote the song pretty much in full as soon as I had finished the book. I reckon it only took about an hour but I can’t describe the elation I felt as I finished it. It’s a very emotional song for me to sing when I really think about the words but although it’s kinda sad I feel a lot of positivity from it. I was scared to play it to anyone for a while but I’m glad I wrote it now, it makes me feel good!

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