‘At once politically powerful, genuinely funny and personally moving.’ Red Pepper

‘An eloquent and engaging dual autobiography that gives background and depth as well as putting in context lifetimes of militancy and activism. The effect on the reader is one of being in a room with them, listening to their voices as they pass the microphone back and forth, speaking now passionately, now quietly and seriously, but always finding a good laugh somewhere.’ Sue Turner, Morning Star

‘Told in raw unvarnished personal accounts, without self pity, without preaching or seeking acceptance – life was tough in the coal fields!  Yet they tell their stories with gritty humour, compassion and fierce humanity in spite of personal tragedy and upheaval in their lives. The book is highly recommended.’ Spirit of Mother Jones

‘Girls from the black stuff – the fascinating stories of two women, from lock-ins at pits offices (underground and surface) to commanding the pavement outside Tory headquarters and the Board of Trade. The indignity of arrest and strip searches are peppered with comedy and humour, testimony to their ability in making these harrowing experiences an enjoyable read. Not only do they project both strength and energy, but also a mischievous side.’ John Chruch, Camden New Journal

‘A must read about two women with extraordinary courage and a commitment to their community that has never faltered.’ Ricky Tomlinson

‘Anne and Betty are a constant inspiration to me. They are two beacons of hope that show that we are all capable of affecting change, tackling life face on and having a bloody good laugh along the way. I salute you both, my heroes.’ Maxine Peake