‘Could be profitably patented as a pragmatic template for art memoirs or biographies. Seldom has music been so well-written about.’ Dublin Review of Books

‘Nothing so captivated me recently as Have a Bleedin Guess, a track-by-track, slice-by-slice memoir cum analysis of Hex. It’s wonderfully anorakish: the production, the engineering, the instruments, the allusions to Wyndham Lewis, HP Lovecraft, Kris Kristofferson, Norman Mailer and Crossroads et al, the influences on the cover art, sleeve notes and vinyl pressing. But it’s also a fine insight into the impulses and dynamics of artistic collaboration, the magic that arises from a disparate group of people mysteriously attuned to one another.’ Gideon Haigh, The Australian, Book of the Year

Have a Bleeding Guess is the finest book about The Fall. For an insight from the inside on how a group like The Fall made an album like Hex Enduction Hour, it is a classic of rock music books in itself.’ International Times

‘Full of very detailed factual information (including kit lists) while never at the expense of being really well written. It’s sanguine, droll and even-handed – respectful to Smith while calling out his poor behaviour where necessary. It corrects many of MES’s fanciful tall stories without attacking the core mystique of the album at the centre of the text: Hex Enduction Hour. Makes a superb companion piece to his brother Steve Hanley’s The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall for a rounded view of what it was like being in the greatest rhythm section of the world’s greatest band while they recorded their greatest album.’ John Doran, The Quietus, Book of the Year

‘Wry, smart and eminently readable, it’s probably the most illuminating book ever written about the group.’ Northern Soul, Book of the Year

Have a Bleedin Guess isn’t just for the loopy aficionado; it’s a primer on recording techniques and realities, band friction and perspective. It’s bloody wonderful.’ I-94 Bar