‘Ian Clayton has written not just a masterpiece about music but a beautiful and important work of social history. He writes wonderfully, easily and conversationally about music’s capacity to electrify, liberate and expand one’s imagination, curiosity and sense of possibility. And no other book I have read captures the companionship of shared musical tastes as this does. Again and again, Bringing It All Back Home made me rush to the record shelves. But almost regardless of subject matter, this is a literary triumph of irrepressible humour, touching humility and downright humanity. At the end of this book, you’ll believe Ian Clayton is your best mate. Or you’ll really wish he were. Ian Clayton understands!’ – Andy Kershaw

‘Unexpectedly beautiful. Sheer sincerity.’ – Andy Miller, Daily Telegraph

‘The storytelling spins a musical web, glistening with treasured encounters and centred on home and family. Remarkable from both musical and human points of view…(it) crystallises Clayton’s humanity, candour and generosity.’ – Felicity Greenland, English Folk Dance and Song Magazine

‘An acutely observed and lovingly told tale.’ – John Aizleword, Q Magazine

‘Deeply moving. Devastatingly beautiful.’ – Leeds Guide

‘An unforgettable journey. Vibrant, life affirming, immensely readable.’ – Waterstone’s Book of the Month

‘An engaging memoir. A trip down memory lane via Tin Pan Alley.’ – Simon Show, Daily Mail