‘The sharpest, on the button writing you’ll read all year. Route could soon start taking on a Samizdat level of importance as it quietly ushers in the beginnings of a much needed literary renaissance.’ – The Big Issue

‘Punchy, pithy and darkly humorous.’ – Liverpool Daily Post

‘Gleamed from the length and breadth of the UK, these stories do not disappoint. There is a grittiness to these tales, variously dealing in love, and fading or faded dreams and a commendable lack of adornment and sentimentality in a well-chosen collection.’ – The Glasgow Herald

‘Naked City is indeed an intriguing insight into city life and the people living in it.’- Manchester Evening News

‘A great book.’ Bob Walmsley, BBC Radio Leeds

‘An anthology of believable and engaging tales that take us to the actuality of modern life. Particularly well written.’ – The Crack

‘If you want to keep abreast of current reflections on social and sexual change and expose yourself to some top-quality storytelling, this is the book for you.’ – Juice Magazine

‘The varying viewpoints capture the ambience of the cities as they exist as a backdrop to people’s lives. These not only feature in the well crafted stories, but also in the beautifully-shot photographs of people in the city’ – Leeds Guide

‘This collection suggest the short story is making a spirited comeback’ – Nottingham Evening Post

‘Some of the best stories I have ever read’ – BBCi

‘The eclectic, the humorous, the heartbreaking, the psychological, the fear and angst are all here in a collection that not only embodies the city but occupies the very soul of the urban landscape.’ – Inc Writers